Nurture Spa ♡

Perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yes, PERFECT! It is close to paradise. The place is very relaxing- there’s harmony in nature.

Welcome Tea. Saya Room. Healthy Dinner. Late night whole body massage. Good night sleep. American breakfast. Foot spa. And of course, PHOTOSHOOT (:

Nurture Spa
 I just had to prove I was there *Tourista Pic* (:

Nurture Spa 2
Enjoying the view.

nurture spa love!

Nurture Spa 3
Smile with pride! (: Old dress from Collezione

(about 4 years ago when RP map logo’s wasn’t in its hype yet. =)

Nurture Spa 4
The morning after. (: Foot spa!

Nurture Spa 5
Nurtured ♡♡♡.  =))

The staff are in all smiles every time you see them than makes you smile too. Plus not to mention that they will always ask if you want your photo taken. Just the best!

Heavenly experience.

xoxo, G


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