the best photo to describe me today


gemNot in a state of pure bliss though. Not even close. But last week has been so tough for me, I couldn’t even show a fake smile. Everyday was a torture. I wasn’t careful of my deeds for the past months that everything sunk in last week and I was afraid. Afraid that it may lead to something I’m not prepared of.  A lot are still unclear to me but at least, the one thing I was so worried about is gone. Gone gone gone!

All you need to do is to trust Him. Pray.

My prayer was answered fast! It was my first time to attend The Feast (by Bo Sanchez) today at PICC. The experience was indescribable- it’s beyond words. I’m not really an emotional kind of person but I was so moved- I cried. I felt so radiant- something glows in me that I have never felt for a long time.  I’m glad I was invited by my LOM family. Sunday is church day so after the Feast, I attended the LOM meeting (which I am now presiding, not official yet but it would be soon- tough job for me but everything’s for Mama Mary and Him) then our group rosary after. Super nice bonding with them today. I’m so uplifted. Nice way to start my week!

I’m inviting all of you to attend The Feast too! It’s for you to find out what I was talking about!

“The FORCE: Move Mountains. Enlarge Territories. Increase Harvest. Finish Strong.”





Enjoy life. You will get out alive.

Quoting Paulo Coelho from his blog:

What kind of person Paulo Coelho is in everyday life?

…Of course, I also live my life in a way that every day will present new challenges and unexpected things. I don’t like to have everything planned beforehand.

This is mainly because:
a] It’s pointless : life is impossible to predict
b] It’s the very salt of life – I don’t want to know what’s going to happen.

EDIT: (additional)

Whatever is important will remain; whatever is useless will disappear.

For that reason, when lots of people gather to give their opinion on how we should act or behave, we must ignore them, as our life on Earth leaves us no time for explaining everything we do.

And we must also avoid commenting on the behavior of others: in order to have faith in our own path, we have no need to prove that the path of the other is wrong.

superfriends @ Tricia’s 21st

[Title inspired by Ina’s post]

Superfriends- That’s us! We don’t really call each other this way but we use the term in writing especially for birthday cakes! It all started a year ago, during Tricia’s birthday as well, when Ac and I were buying her cake. We were having a hard time deciding how to put our names on for the “From” / “Love” part. Too many to mention so we decided it would be “Superfriends”. Haha. Okay.

July 21st again and we just had to surprise Tricia (I call her Bords). I told her we’re going to have a date lunch. I pretended to be late for the date well in fact I was busy with our friends preparing for the surprise. It was held at my dad’s studio which is a stone’s throw away from the university. When we were ready I asked her to see me at the studio. She was already expecting for a surprise but nothing like it. She was expecting for a photoshoot surprise just like what I did during her 18th birthday. I also told her that time that we’re going to have a lunch date. That’s why. (: B, I don’t repeat surprises okay? Haha.  Though she’s been making parinig to me that she wanted to have a photoshoot again. (Will do!! =)

B@21!Surprised! Haggard-looking-but-still-pretty!

superfriendsKerrazzzyy superfriends! (not limited to persons above)

I just love them to bits. With all the things that are happening with my life, I know I still have them at my back. (That’s what they said!!- and I do believe them) They’re just the sweetest. I received heart warming messaged from them the night I knew I was already in hell. I’m very hard to comprehend. I’m very secretive. They couldn’t squeeze anything from me. But still, they’re there for me. How lucky could I be? I know its hard to be in their shoes too.

I admire them, especially B. She’s very outspoken and she can freely express herself to us. She tells us the happenings in her life. No pretenses. She’s such an open book. That’s why whenever she has problem it ain’t hard for us to understand her and to give her advice.

I’m the total opposite of her.

And I don’t think I could ever change. That’s me.

But I want to. I really do.


The Cat

This is way overdue- almost a year! Just saw these in my files and oh, I wanna watch it again. If there will be another CATS show here in the metro, will definitely won’t miss it. This is an awesome experience. They don’t only perform on stage but they also do parts in the audience area. One of the cats chose to mingle with me (haha! feeler!) For like a few minutes he was just staring at me and whatever I do to distract him he’s still in his character. (Well, dapat lang =)

CATS 2The Cat and his stunning eyes and my huge cheekbone

CATSIn front of me acting and meow-ing (:

xx, G

Nurture Spa ♡

Perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yes, PERFECT! It is close to paradise. The place is very relaxing- there’s harmony in nature.

Welcome Tea. Saya Room. Healthy Dinner. Late night whole body massage. Good night sleep. American breakfast. Foot spa. And of course, PHOTOSHOOT (:

Nurture Spa
 I just had to prove I was there *Tourista Pic* (:

Nurture Spa 2
Enjoying the view.

nurture spa love!

Nurture Spa 3
Smile with pride! (: Old dress from Collezione

(about 4 years ago when RP map logo’s wasn’t in its hype yet. =)

Nurture Spa 4
The morning after. (: Foot spa!

Nurture Spa 5
Nurtured ♡♡♡.  =))

The staff are in all smiles every time you see them than makes you smile too. Plus not to mention that they will always ask if you want your photo taken. Just the best!

Heavenly experience.

xoxo, G

Today’s just another normal school day

at the shop

School has started for a month already and I couldn’t stop ranting ’bout how our class schedule sucks. Night classes sucks. Sucks sucks sucks. Good thing Pop’s shop/studio (whatever you call it) is just a stone’s throw away from uni. I just go there early, I either study or just hangout to talk to anyone around there. Today, my friends Ac, Gisse and Alvin was there to make chika with me and pops.

Will be praying tonight that our proposed class schedule would be approved by tomorrow. No friday and saturday classes please.

Off topic, I want a Canon SLR so badly.  I miss taking photos already.

xx, G