Risk and Control Team

group pic(L-R: Joanne, Fitz, Bianca, Marian, Gem, Ms. Cecile, Sharon, Thet, Jen and Kathy. Photo taken by IJ)

For my last day, we had a group lunch at Wee Nam Kee. I’m glad they had time because it was such a bust work day for them.

I am LUCKY to be with their team. I definitely had a productive and fun summer with them!

Gem, IJ and Mil (Gem, IJ and Mil)

Of course IJ should have a photo here albeit he’s the one always behind the camera. He had been my supervisor for the whole internship period (though Ms. Cecile is the head of the team).  He’s the only guy in the team. I have learned a lot from him… like… uhmmm… A LOT! =] But seriously, he’s great! He’s very professional and he always explain my tasks very clearly. But not just him, the others as well.

There’s so much stuff to miss about them.

I wish one day I could go back (to work).




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