No one could ever understand my being, neither my deep feelings.

Life, why do you have to be this tough?



Risk and Control Team

group pic(L-R: Joanne, Fitz, Bianca, Marian, Gem, Ms. Cecile, Sharon, Thet, Jen and Kathy. Photo taken by IJ)

For my last day, we had a group lunch at Wee Nam Kee. I’m glad they had time because it was such a bust work day for them.

I am LUCKY to be with their team. I definitely had a productive and fun summer with them!

Gem, IJ and Mil (Gem, IJ and Mil)

Of course IJ should have a photo here albeit he’s the one always behind the camera. He had been my supervisor for the whole internship period (though Ms. Cecile is the head of the team).  He’s the only guy in the team. I have learned a lot from him… like… uhmmm… A LOT! =] But seriously, he’s great! He’s very professional and he always explain my tasks very clearly. But not just him, the others as well.

There’s so much stuff to miss about them.

I wish one day I could go back (to work).



Its been a week

And I’m missing the workplace and most esp. the people.

the doorI miss accessing the door for myself and for those who got locked up.


(Sorry for the blurry mobile photo. I wasn’t able to take photos here.)

I miss the pantry. I miss having lunch here with Mil and Christian. Our crazy conversations. Sitting here and having chitchats with them makes my life seems simple, happy and crazy (in a good way). Good thing we’re just interns, no pressures at work! :)

I guess I won’t stop raving about my internship because it was very momentous.



I’ll miss citi

Yesterday was my last day as an intern. There were many surprises for the day. And one of it was this:

citi gift

Before I left the office, they gave me a little token to remind me of the most productive and fun summer I had. Besides the wrapped gift, they also gave me a printed picture of moi  taken by IJ, my supervisor (He’s inclined with photography and he’s damn good with it! =) at the lobby with the citi logo at the background. And at the back they’ve written me messages. That is sweet! I’m so glad to be part of the team for a month!

I enjoy my stint as an intern. I’ll miss it. For sure.



Christian if you’re reading this…

camille cried
Camille cried when you left.

SERIOUSLY! Awww… Separation anxiety.

christian and milIt was right after this photo was taken.

Awww… I will miss the three of us too! And Christian, we know you will too! =))