last 2 days.

my desk at citi

I will certainly miss this desk.

And all my daily routines.

Shuttle to work.

10 mins walk from Ayala to CitiTower with my iPod on.

Elevator to 12th floor.

The sound of the door when you swipe your ID

That I hear every minute because I’m the one closest to the door.

Exchange of e-mails from my work-mates for my task/deliverables for the day

Crazy personal and DBPB e-mails from Mil

Chitchat with my desk-mate Sharon and my supervisor IJ

Chitchat with Mil and Christian every time we feel like to.

I’ll go up to their floor (14th) or they’ll go down at my floor (12th)

Lunch with Christian and Mil at the pantry/canteen

The whole Risk and Control department


Logging off of my computer. Changing my heels to flats.

15 minutes walk back to Ayala (to the garage beside standard chartered)

Shuttle back home with my iPod on.

But on Fridays, it’s kinda different

After Logging off my computer, I’m always hurrying up

To go to rockwell, for friday movies!

Hall Pass, Thor, Fast and Furious 5, Pirates of the Caribbean 4,  Kung Fu Panda 2

There are always great movies!

Going back…

I’ll miss a lot!

And most especially, I will miss dressing up. (“,)


Please don’t be too painful.




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