It takes one cake

Mars Deadly Moose Pie

And this cake specifically.

The etc. was more affordable so I opted for that one.


I know I wouldn’t end my internship without going at kins’ house.

Kins was nice enough to take me outside their house for a few times after I’ve told him my sentiments.

About him not taking me there… etc.

It’s weird but I’m dying to get inside their house.

Not because of anything, I just want to. That’s it. I think it’s only me who can understand.

Photos from FB are not enough.


After 33 months and 29 days… I MADE IT!

It was of course unplanned. As Kins will say it.

But it was perfectly planned for me.

I told him I’ve reserved a cake and I couldn’t back out.

And the next thing I know.

It’s already happening!


All smiles if you could see.




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