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I’m careless. I know. Tsk. I just lost my phone last night at rockwell.

I was rushing from work (I’m still having my internship until the end of the month) to powerplant because I’ll be watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with Kins and his fambam. The movie starts at 1830 hr. I arrived at power 15 minutes after 6. Nature’s call attacks so I hurried and peed. There’s this mini deck at the back of the toilet seat so I placed my phone there and I clung my bag at the clipper stick on the wall. I know I should have put my phone inside my bag. I hurried out, bought food with kins since I haven’t eaten anything after lunch.

Kung Fu Panda gave me 2 hours full of laughters. It’s a must see!! Boo me for not watching the first one but I promise to watch it soon!

I then realized that my phone was missing when Kins and I were strolling after the movie. I was looking for it because I wanted to tweet about the movie. (YES. I’m a twitter addict! =) When I couldn’t find it… I knew… Then I panicked. Went back to the washroom. It’s not there. So I asked the janitor if she has found it or anyone has returned it. None. Then I asked the guards. No luck.

I’m not sad because of the lost phone. It doesn’t have that much worth for me. I got it for free from my postpaid plan. I can get my number back. I’m sad because I have to buy a new one.  And I don’t have enough moolah for it. TSK.


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