Let’s take a tour at Hidden Vibs

hidden vibs

The first floor of the house has an open area for dining and videoke, a pantry (there’s refrigerator, sink and cabinets), one bedroom with two double-deck beds and a bathroom.

The second floor has the living room (comfy sofas with tv set), 2 conditioned bedrooms, a bathroom plus a balcony where you get a wonderful view of the place!

On the pool area: There are two connected pools (one is a mini pool for the kids), a mini bridge to beautify the pool area, exteriorized cave which is also the shower area, but there’s another shower area on the other side of the pool, four kubos/huts, a wishing well.

At the back of the house there is the kitchen and an outdoor grilling area. It’s very neat and also well designed.


Overall, the place is a kickass!

Now let the photos do the talking:

bridge and the poolthe cavethe viewanother viewthe poolliving room

the bedroom1

the kickass kubo!

kitchen areagrilling area

Thanks Ac for introducing us this place and to the owners for a huge discount!

And at night:

Hidden Vib's at night


It’s not only a place for an outing with family and friends, it’s also a perfect place for events! Perfect place to celebrate your wedding, birthdays and debut! =)

Check out theire facebook page for inquiries: Hidden Vibs Resort




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