It takes one cake

Mars Deadly Moose Pie

And this cake specifically.

The etc. was more affordable so I opted for that one.


I know I wouldn’t end my internship without going at kins’ house.

Kins was nice enough to take me outside their house for a few times after I’ve told him my sentiments.

About him not taking me there… etc.

It’s weird but I’m dying to get inside their house.

Not because of anything, I just want to. That’s it. I think it’s only me who can understand.

Photos from FB are not enough.


After 33 months and 29 days… I MADE IT!

It was of course unplanned. As Kins will say it.

But it was perfectly planned for me.

I told him I’ve reserved a cake and I couldn’t back out.

And the next thing I know.

It’s already happening!


All smiles if you could see.



last 2 days.

my desk at citi

I will certainly miss this desk.

And all my daily routines.

Shuttle to work.

10 mins walk from Ayala to CitiTower with my iPod on.

Elevator to 12th floor.

The sound of the door when you swipe your ID

That I hear every minute because I’m the one closest to the door.

Exchange of e-mails from my work-mates for my task/deliverables for the day

Crazy personal and DBPB e-mails from Mil

Chitchat with my desk-mate Sharon and my supervisor IJ

Chitchat with Mil and Christian every time we feel like to.

I’ll go up to their floor (14th) or they’ll go down at my floor (12th)

Lunch with Christian and Mil at the pantry/canteen

The whole Risk and Control department


Logging off of my computer. Changing my heels to flats.

15 minutes walk back to Ayala (to the garage beside standard chartered)

Shuttle back home with my iPod on.

But on Fridays, it’s kinda different

After Logging off my computer, I’m always hurrying up

To go to rockwell, for friday movies!

Hall Pass, Thor, Fast and Furious 5, Pirates of the Caribbean 4,  Kung Fu Panda 2

There are always great movies!

Going back…

I’ll miss a lot!

And most especially, I will miss dressing up. (“,)


Please don’t be too painful.



Current mood:


I’m careless. I know. Tsk. I just lost my phone last night at rockwell.

I was rushing from work (I’m still having my internship until the end of the month) to powerplant because I’ll be watching Kung Fu Panda 2 with Kins and his fambam. The movie starts at 1830 hr. I arrived at power 15 minutes after 6. Nature’s call attacks so I hurried and peed. There’s this mini deck at the back of the toilet seat so I placed my phone there and I clung my bag at the clipper stick on the wall. I know I should have put my phone inside my bag. I hurried out, bought food with kins since I haven’t eaten anything after lunch.

Kung Fu Panda gave me 2 hours full of laughters. It’s a must see!! Boo me for not watching the first one but I promise to watch it soon!

I then realized that my phone was missing when Kins and I were strolling after the movie. I was looking for it because I wanted to tweet about the movie. (YES. I’m a twitter addict! =) When I couldn’t find it… I knew… Then I panicked. Went back to the washroom. It’s not there. So I asked the janitor if she has found it or anyone has returned it. None. Then I asked the guards. No luck.

I’m not sad because of the lost phone. It doesn’t have that much worth for me. I got it for free from my postpaid plan. I can get my number back. I’m sad because I have to buy a new one.  And I don’t have enough moolah for it. TSK.

the people I was with

my friends:


the girls enjoying fixing the foods at the pantry

friends2the double decks. sherry and ate tel

the guysthe guys!

the girlsthe girls! love!

breakfastBreakfast! Pancit canton and hotdogs!!

looking at the wellLooking at the wishing well.

my fambam and relatives at mom’s side:

my cousinsCousins galore!

my sistersMy sisters! <3

more of my cousinsMore cousins. Now the younger ones.

mom's only sisterMy mom’s only sister.

with my favorite titaAnd with my favorite tita! She’s pop’s cousin. We always tag her along.

Whew! There it is. It’s so hard to choose for hundreds of photos.



Let’s take a tour at Hidden Vibs

hidden vibs

The first floor of the house has an open area for dining and videoke, a pantry (there’s refrigerator, sink and cabinets), one bedroom with two double-deck beds and a bathroom.

The second floor has the living room (comfy sofas with tv set), 2 conditioned bedrooms, a bathroom plus a balcony where you get a wonderful view of the place!

On the pool area: There are two connected pools (one is a mini pool for the kids), a mini bridge to beautify the pool area, exteriorized cave which is also the shower area, but there’s another shower area on the other side of the pool, four kubos/huts, a wishing well.

At the back of the house there is the kitchen and an outdoor grilling area. It’s very neat and also well designed.


Overall, the place is a kickass!

Now let the photos do the talking:

bridge and the poolthe cavethe viewanother viewthe poolliving room

the bedroom1

the kickass kubo!

kitchen areagrilling area

Thanks Ac for introducing us this place and to the owners for a huge discount!

And at night:

Hidden Vib's at night


It’s not only a place for an outing with family and friends, it’s also a perfect place for events! Perfect place to celebrate your wedding, birthdays and debut! =)

Check out theire facebook page for inquiries: Hidden Vibs Resort



There’s really a mystery…

at Hidden Vib’s resort because you will always want to come back again.

Hidden Vib's Resortphoto by my sister

Thanks to Kins for introducing to us the place at Alfonso, Cavite- just 15 minute drive from Tagaytay proper. And to the owners for the huge discounts! The first time was with our friends, pretty timing for after school party! Huge place for only 12 people. Then the second time was with my family. I had to insist to insist to them this place since their planning to have our summer vacation with mom’s side and pop’s staffs in Laguna. But this place is perfect for relaxing and perfect for my mom’s family because we have a BIG family.

More talks and more photos about the place on my next posts!