There was fire this morning (10:30am) that woke me up. Yet again. Not again. :(

But God is so good. It was controlled before it hit the house beside us. Thank goodness for firewalls!  Houses here in Manila are so close to each other. Once a fire started, it would for sure spread to other houses if not controlled immediately.

another firefiretrucksfiretrucks2thankGod!

We cannot afford for another one. Please, the last time it happened I was sleeping too. I cried because I was the only one home and I didn’t know what to do. But the best thing is that everyone’s safe. I didn’t care much of the material things.

Please don’t happen again.

Special thanks to Kins for the concern and for dropping by. I was surprised when I found out that he’s on his way here right after I told him about the fire. He said he got so nervous when he heard my trembling voice. Thanks so much!

Keep safe everyone!




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