1000th day!


Buffet Lunch

The day I’ve been looking forward to spend with Kins!

And finally the day has come.

Today is Kins and I’s 1000th day.

Who gets this far? We are!

I know a lot of you guys have watched the Youtube video ‘Strangers, Again’.

Albeit we both have our ups and downs in this relationship, I believe Kins and I are still in the honeymoon stage and will be forever in that stage.

It takes two to tango and as long as your other half and you are working and fighting hard for your relationship there’s nothing that you couldn’t go through.

And yes, I used the words ‘other half’ because he is the one that makes me whole.

And YES! It’s way too cheesy! (:

I don’t boast too much about LOVE because that the part I’m most uncomfortable with sharing. But today is the exemption.

There’s no single day I don’t think about him. Well actually there’s no minute he wouldn’t pass by my mind.

I always miss him.

And the moment I knew he is the one was when someone asked me if he’s the guy I could see my future with, with no second thoughts, I immediately said YES!

I couldn’t put all my thought all together now. Everything’s just full of happiness!

I love you! And I will always do. (:



oh baby, i miss blogging

our internet’s down. DSL! 2 weeks huh??

had a summer vacation with my fambam and relatives on mom’s side.

first day of my second on the job training at citibank today. God is sooo good!

am so excited for thursday! you gotta know why! (:

will get back to you soon. promise.



There was fire this morning (10:30am) that woke me up. Yet again. Not again. :(

But God is so good. It was controlled before it hit the house beside us. Thank goodness for firewalls!  Houses here in Manila are so close to each other. Once a fire started, it would for sure spread to other houses if not controlled immediately.

another firefiretrucksfiretrucks2thankGod!

We cannot afford for another one. Please, the last time it happened I was sleeping too. I cried because I was the only one home and I didn’t know what to do. But the best thing is that everyone’s safe. I didn’t care much of the material things.

Please don’t happen again.

Special thanks to Kins for the concern and for dropping by. I was surprised when I found out that he’s on his way here right after I told him about the fire. He said he got so nervous when he heard my trembling voice. Thanks so much!

Keep safe everyone!




Merlion Spareribs Merlion Spareribs served with Hot Pao

@ Johnny Chow, Resorts World

I love lunches and dinners with my whole fambam! And yes, I am craving for this again.


calzone with pasta of the dayCalzone and Pasta of the day

@ Piadina Italiana, Greenbelt 1

Ate this in two different dates with two of my bestfriends, Ac and Kamaye.

Found out about this delectable (and very affordable) set with my girlfriends-date with Kamaye. So, the following day I invited Kins to eat here too! He loved it too.

You must try these!


xoxo, G