Is this real?

8124 hits

On May 2008, I decided to put up a blog when I enrolled on my photography class to have a place where I can showcase my should be “awesome” photos. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep it up. But June of 2009, my friend convinced me to blog again like she does. So I did. The core purpose of this blog is to be my treasure box. That one day, I would dig in to it and reminisce.

But around April of 2010, I had a problem with my previous space, blogspot. It wasn’t working well with me. The format of my blog got jumbled and so chaotic I couldn’t fix it up. Thanks to my friend, Ina banana for the great advice. That is to move to a new place, wordpress. Good thing I was able to import my previous blog then I decided to put my blog status (just to check the traffic. chos!). Ever since, I’ve been enjoying blogging here about me, me, me and myself. (:

So now, the real deal. I still couldn’t believe my hits. Maybe my stats is malfunctioning. I only know two people who read my blog: Ina banana and Mina boo.

Are you real? Did you just happen to hop into my blog? Did google brought you here? Definitely NOT! I know. (: I know, I know, it’s not like I got one million hits. But still, I’m flabbergasted.

Thank you!




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