Manukan Island

After breakfast, we headed to the port (i don’t know the right term. yikes!). We walked our way there. Well, we always just walk. KK’s a nice place to stroll around plus there’s no jeepneys or tricycles there (good thing, it means no reckless drivers and traffic jams).



We’re riding the boat to the island.


My first time to drink gulaman in can. You know I’m addicted to gulaman drink. ;)

Then, we rented a boat and the equipment for the beach. Here we go…


Gavin’s ready for snorkeling.

speedboatAt the speed boat. I guess I was too dolled up for the beach. Ooops!

kk islandReaching Manukan Island but I have no idea which one of the three.

I love beaches! I love love.

Manukan IslandManukan Island

The beach is clean and nice.

But sorry, nothing beats Phil’s beaches though.

gavin snorklingBut one thing is for sure…

Gavin did enjoy snorkeling four hourssssssss. :]

SPOTTED: Sweet old couples

that makes you go… awwwww (:

ate giselle An awesome picture of my sister taken by me. Hihi.

I love beaches and I’m glad I was able to experience Sabah, MY. But I know I don’t have to go far to see extremely beautiful beaches. (:


xoxo, G


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