Is this real?

8124 hits

On May 2008, I decided to put up a blog when I enrolled on my photography class to have a place where I can showcase my should be “awesome” photos. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep it up. But June of 2009, my friend convinced me to blog again like she does. So I did. The core purpose of this blog is to be my treasure box. That one day, I would dig in to it and reminisce.

But around April of 2010, I had a problem with my previous space, blogspot. It wasn’t working well with me. The format of my blog got jumbled and so chaotic I couldn’t fix it up. Thanks to my friend, Ina banana for the great advice. That is to move to a new place, wordpress. Good thing I was able to import my previous blog then I decided to put my blog status (just to check the traffic. chos!). Ever since, I’ve been enjoying blogging here about me, me, me and myself. (:

So now, the real deal. I still couldn’t believe my hits. Maybe my stats is malfunctioning. I only know two people who read my blog: Ina banana and Mina boo.

Are you real? Did you just happen to hop into my blog? Did google brought you here? Definitely NOT! I know. (: I know, I know, it’s not like I got one million hits. But still, I’m flabbergasted.

Thank you!



feasibility study DONE! (:

I’m so happy!

Kudos to my groupmates/awesome friends! We’re finally done with our feasibility study with 100++ pages of output. It has been occupying us for over a month. After all the hardships and two sleepovers, we’re finally done! We did it!  Too bad there’s no time for us to have our defense, our paper is our only hope. I have good vibes on it anyway.

And here it comes, last stretch of our fourth year.

FINAL EXAM week (a.k.a hell week) is coming up!

Wish me all the best.




(P.S. Will tell you more about our feasibility study next time. )

Manukan Island

After breakfast, we headed to the port (i don’t know the right term. yikes!). We walked our way there. Well, we always just walk. KK’s a nice place to stroll around plus there’s no jeepneys or tricycles there (good thing, it means no reckless drivers and traffic jams).



We’re riding the boat to the island.


My first time to drink gulaman in can. You know I’m addicted to gulaman drink. ;)

Then, we rented a boat and the equipment for the beach. Here we go…


Gavin’s ready for snorkeling.

speedboatAt the speed boat. I guess I was too dolled up for the beach. Ooops!

kk islandReaching Manukan Island but I have no idea which one of the three.

I love beaches! I love love.

Manukan IslandManukan Island

The beach is clean and nice.

But sorry, nothing beats Phil’s beaches though.

gavin snorklingBut one thing is for sure…

Gavin did enjoy snorkeling four hourssssssss. :]

SPOTTED: Sweet old couples

that makes you go… awwwww (:

ate giselle An awesome picture of my sister taken by me. Hihi.

I love beaches and I’m glad I was able to experience Sabah, MY. But I know I don’t have to go far to see extremely beautiful beaches. (:


xoxo, G

Old Town White Coffee @ KK

The travelogue continues…

The following day, we started the day by eating breakfast at Old Town White Coffee. It’s like their version of Starbucks. My sister has been there so she’s like our tour guide and she brings us to her favorite places. And this is one.

Old Town White Coffee

We walked our way there. I am not a coffee drinker but still I tried their best selling coffee my sister told me. It tastes good but still, it doesn’t make me a fan.

old town

coffeeOld Town White Coffee

kaya toast breadkaya toast bread

tuna sandwichtuna sandwich

breakfastthey also serve rice

breakfast @ oldtown

My sister and I. Photo taken by mom. (:


But I have a confession to make. I miss their coffee. I wish I have brought some home.

At least we have milo here at home. :]




Tsunami Alert

Tsunami Alert

I wasn’t able to go online for almost a week. Google welcomed me with this. I’m quite frightened.

We all should pray. Prayer is our only weapon.

My prayers goes to Japan and the victims.

God bless us.

Keep safe everyone.

xx, G

Over Fatigue = Trangkaso

I’ve been back to reality, the third world, since Monday last week. I’m so swamped with projects – studies and org related.

Plus I’m sick. Can I blame the weather? Scorching hot yesterday, rainy day today. Global warming?? O_O

I will continue my travelogue soon.

Hope I can have an ample time to blog.