Currently at KK, Malaysia. Arrive here just today and was able to tour a little bit. Our first stop after dropping off our stuff at the hotel was this mall.

suria sabah

Headed at the foodcourt for dinner.

Can’t believe it. Delicious foods, cheap prices.

bbq chickenchicken riceBbq chicken with chicken rice

RM 5 = P 75

mama's foodMom’s food. I don’t know what this is called. It’s in a huge serving.

RM 6 = 90

Ate’s food. (:

RM 6.50 = 100

More food tripping tomorrow! Will hit  the beach too! (:

xx, G


hearts day

[Feb 14]

Kins fetch me at home half past 1000hr.  We headed at Il Terrazzo for brunch.

He surprised me with Royce since flowers are overpriced. Well, honestly, we’re not a big fan of vday. It’s valentines for us every single day. (chos!)


He know my favorite is Nama, but he wanted something different, for a change.


xoxo, G

pop’s 48th birthday

The day before Valentine’s day. (:



Coffee after


Bizu macaroons.  ❤ shaped for love.


attended the mass @ St James. love the ambiance of the church so much.

st james

[mobile photos]

Lord, please give pops more birthdays! (: Thank you.




surprise surprise!

Ac's 22nd bday


Birthday Boy

[Feb. 2, 2011]

Post mini surprise birthday bash for kins. And it’s a success again! (: I’m happy just that. Love to see him smile.

Thanks to superfriends. They’re awesome. Swear!

And to mama, she helped me out (a lot) in preparing the foods and all.