Quote I live by:

“We are the shaper of our own destiny”

In life, we are bound by rules and restrictions. Society dictates what we should or should not do. Culuture has lain down every person’s role in life. It seems like we have no control whatsoever of how things should go on with our everyday lives. Like we are tied up on chains and shackles that we cannot move or even decide for ourselves. We are stereotyped if we conform and stigmatized if we deviate. We are passive to whatever society or those in power dictates. We are slaves of this complex concept called fate and destiny. 

But I beg to disagree with this so-called reality. To me, it is still the individual who has the deciding power to create his or her own destiny. To be whatever he or she wants to be. We can go beyond the boundaries of tradition and dogma… because we are the weavers of our own future.  It is us who decide, with spiritual guidance, what we want for our future.. With a little bit of reflection and contemplation, of course! My point is, no matter what life brings us, we should not falter so easily. We should not let life’s adversities take over our decisions. For it is still us… it is still I who can shape my own destiny.

Cheers for our future endeavors!

xoxo, Gem


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