date with gavin

My fambam went inside the casino. And since Gavin and I are underage we decided to stroll around resorts world instead. Took a lot of photos and eventually got tired. So starbucks is the place to rest.

The service was slow since its Christmas and only a few baristas were there. It took me ages to have my order taken. I was surprised when I got back at the table with gavin. Look at the slr camera and this shpt was taken by him. My 8 year old brother has a skill. :)

chocolate cake

taken by gavin

gavin at starbucksimpatiently waiting for his frap.

a lot of coughing after. haha. sorryyy….


Then I asked him to take a photo of me and asked for a whole body shot.


Aylavet! And not to mention I love my outfit especially my skirt. It highlighted my waist. The only part of my body that I’m proud of.

Thanks Gavin! You’re an awesome photog!




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