noche buena

for 20 years of my life noche buena means family reunion on mom’s side. Mom has a huge family. She has 8 siblings. I have 30 plus cousins. So it’s always a party whenever we get together. And everything happens for our dearest lola. Who is the best cook in the world! She knows our favorite dishes. We had games, lots of foods, exchange gifts and lots of presents for everybody!

This year is different. We had a theme and it’s plants vs zombies. My cousins are all artistic. They made awesome headpiece and designs.

My huge fambam rocks!

Some photos of the night. Here we go:

Vargas Clangiftsfor the gifts!



tarpone of the tarps. and the mushroom bank from my uncle.

with few of my cousinswith few of my cousins.


softdrinksoftdrinks drinking contest

calamansirelaycalamansi relay

longest greeting gamelongest greeting game

Happy birthday Jesus………..

And so much more games! I hosted the event btw. First time. :)


So many photos. I can’t post them all of course! Even though we’re not complete, it’s still a fun night full of love. <3





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