In between what is real and just a dream

When I was young, I used to imagine I was someone else. Someone not of this reality. Living in a far away land full of mystery and grandeur. Weaving my own brand of magic and mystique. It’s as if I’m some kind of sorceress, trying to conjure an amazing spell. I have always seen myself as a girl full of adventure and with a insatiable zest for the wonders of life. I am the master in this world of make-believe.

Now, I can see that all of my dreams and fantasies are beginning to be realized. I don’t know how or when everything seems to fall into place. But all I know is that God might have planned all these wonderful things for me long ago. I’m really thankful that I’m finally able to grasp the meaning and fulfillment and satisfaction.

I wake up in the morning by the sound of the summer breeze gushing through my stained glass window. The bird might have been sent by the angels to sing songs of joy for me. I walk to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of brewed coffee and a piece of bread with homemade strawberry jam. Then I briskly hop toward the bathroom to take a warm bath. Afterwards, I fix myself up for the long day ahead in my most favorite place in the world. And that place is a little shop just around the corner.

It’s a little shop full of adventure and magic. It’s where you find the oddest and weirdest things as well as the peculiar and simplest of gadgets. This place is my bookshop. A place where kids come to hangout and be whatever they want to be. A place where grown-ups can forget about their pathetic adult lives and be careless and free-spirited again.

These are what books are meant to be. To take us to another world and leave us breathless and asking for more. To produce magic and play with our imagination. And that’s what I’m here for, to bring out the creativity of every child through my “little shop just around the corner.”

My shop is all about books. Some tells us of stories from far away lands and of different and exotic cultures. Some stories are about kings and princesses and their hidden treasures. There are also books that help children count or recognize shapes and colours. As well as those that make us sing and laugh all day long! Whenever I’m in my shop, it’s as if I’m experiencing a little bit of heaven in this chaotic world.

I have those who regularly visit my shop around the corner to experience different breathtaking adventures. Everyone freely float there imagination as they read lines from lines of every pages of every books. The young and old alike seem to be mesmerized on how books get them to places. And it’s because of this amazement and satisfaction that I continue to do my work every single day of the year.

No amount of money could ever add up to the fulfillment I gain everyday. Just the smiles and laughs of the avid readers in my shop are rewarding enough for me. It doesn’t matter whether they but anything or not, just as long as they appreciate the books I have for them. Because that’s what books are for… to bring music and melody; to paint vivid colours and hues; to give rhyme and rhythm to anyone who reads.

At the end of the day, I arrange the chairs and shelves in my shop. I patiently wipe the dust off the floors and windowsill … while thinking of the tiring but wonderful day that just passed by. Knowing that tomorrow will be another day full of imagination and creativity.

This is my dream. This is my reality. This is my life.


*I was just looking through my long abandoned multiply site and found this. Wrote this when I was in second year highschool. We were asked to write a book containing everything about ourselves.

xoxo, G

RP’s new P20 bill

The old one vs. the new one



20bill back

I love the new P20 bill. I had a few given to me during Christmas. It would be officially released next year.

And we have till 2014 to use the old bills. I think. Correct me if I’m wrong.

BSP’s way against faking our money.

So, this means AC’s P20 bill would be obsolete too…



This one is edited by Aivan for Ac’s 20th birthday last year. He’s turning 22 on January!




christmas day with fambam

at Resorts World.

resorts worldresorts world

Christmas day is always spent with my fambam. But this year my eldest sister wasn’t able to join us because she has a family of  her own now. But still, we enjoyed and I was able to play at the casino! Yes, I was able to sneak in. And I used my dad’s card on playing the slot machines. I was the only one who had the beginners luck between my sisters. And we were able to cash it in after. Just a small amount though enough to pay for my sisters’ loss. =))

resorts worldcameras are forbidden inside.

fambamwith mom and my siblings

popspops =)

dinner at pancakedinner!

I just want to flaunt my straight shinny hair. Thanks to Tita D! My sponsor and hairdresser. =))

Happy happy birthday Jesus! It’s your birthday but we’re the ones who got presents. Thank you for the best present I’ve ever received. My fambam.


Hope everyone had a joyous Christmas!


Love y’all!



date with gavin

My fambam went inside the casino. And since Gavin and I are underage we decided to stroll around resorts world instead. Took a lot of photos and eventually got tired. So starbucks is the place to rest.

The service was slow since its Christmas and only a few baristas were there. It took me ages to have my order taken. I was surprised when I got back at the table with gavin. Look at the slr camera and this shpt was taken by him. My 8 year old brother has a skill. :)

chocolate cake

taken by gavin

gavin at starbucksimpatiently waiting for his frap.

a lot of coughing after. haha. sorryyy….


Then I asked him to take a photo of me and asked for a whole body shot.


Aylavet! And not to mention I love my outfit especially my skirt. It highlighted my waist. The only part of my body that I’m proud of.

Thanks Gavin! You’re an awesome photog!



noche buena

for 20 years of my life noche buena means family reunion on mom’s side. Mom has a huge family. She has 8 siblings. I have 30 plus cousins. So it’s always a party whenever we get together. And everything happens for our dearest lola. Who is the best cook in the world! She knows our favorite dishes. We had games, lots of foods, exchange gifts and lots of presents for everybody!

This year is different. We had a theme and it’s plants vs zombies. My cousins are all artistic. They made awesome headpiece and designs.

My huge fambam rocks!

Some photos of the night. Here we go:

Vargas Clangiftsfor the gifts!



tarpone of the tarps. and the mushroom bank from my uncle.

with few of my cousinswith few of my cousins.


softdrinksoftdrinks drinking contest

calamansirelaycalamansi relay

longest greeting gamelongest greeting game

Happy birthday Jesus………..

And so much more games! I hosted the event btw. First time. :)


So many photos. I can’t post them all of course! Even though we’re not complete, it’s still a fun night full of love. <3