50 days before Christmas

I got 4 out of 8 of my 2009 Christmas wishlist. From number 4 to 7.


And its time for my NEW wishlist!

1. Lomo Camera

2. Out-of-town getaway with Kins.

3. Longchamp Eiffel

longchamp eiffel

4. White Glitz Watch


5. Out of the country getaway with my fambam

6. Success for my future projects for SBMA

7. A  piano

8. New puppy

9. More make-up


10. Upgrade for my SUN postpaid with Unlimited internet.

11. More books! (non-school books)

Have A Little Faith Mitch Albom

There’s more. But, I’ve listed stuff which are realistic.

The rest of my wishes would be said on my prayers. Thank you.

Feel the spirit of Christmas! And don’t forget the core reason why we are celebrating it!

Love and be kind to one another.

xoxo, G

(The photos are not mine. I got it so random that It’s difficult to put the credits.)


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