Letter to B.


Once you love a person, you will never stop loving him/her. Maybe it would be less or a bit differently but still, the love remains.

Yes, that’s true.

But once you have felt what true love really is. You’ll realize that you have never loved that person at all. That everything was just an infatuation.

True love is when you love someone that loves you back… and even more. It’s when you feel that he’s the most special person in the world, and he makes you feel that too. It’s when you can tell him everything with no pretenses. It’s when you get to love his flaws even more. It’s when you bring up a fight, just to be sweeter afterwards. It’s when before you fell asleep its him that is lingering your mind. It is when you can completely be honest with each other. And the list is endless.

True love is best when it is right. It’s when you don’t feel any guilt when you’re with that person.

And most especially… It’s true love when even romance subsides. You’re still both bestfriends.

You’ll find your true love. Never rush. Never be sad because you haven’t met him yet. He might be on his way. He might just be like Mina that gets trip all the time. But he’ll make it on time. Just trust in Him.

There’s so many of us who loves you and will make you happy! Always make the right decision.





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