a week left.

I have a week left before my second semester in school starts.

If you’ll ask me how I’m spending my break… well, for two weeks I’ve been doing a lot that I couldn’t even recall them.

For me, school breaks mean bumming at home, being a couch potato, reading books and a lot that basically means just staying HOME.

I’m so amazed that my life now is busy. You know, I always have to do something not in the house.

I have so many friends who invites me to go here and there.

And also, let’s not forget Kins that since our sem break started, I always get to hang-out with his fam bam.

And that is… COOL.

Cool because his family gets to hangout often. They are always complete. They talk about everything. They’re open. Everything that’s the opposite of my family.

Okay, let me share this: Earlier I was with Kins’ fam bam. We ate merienda at Via Mare and had some frap at Starbucks after. It’s amazing that they really talk a lot. Things I never had conversed with my family. I’m happy. It feels so real.

I’m not jealous. I’ve already accepted the fact that Kins and I grew up differently. Since I was young I was thought to be independent. My family and I doesn’t really express to each other, doesn’t share emotions. We only live in the same house, and that’s it.It doesn’t mean I don’t feel LOVE here. There’s just something lacking.

I know this post is like a zigzag and going nowhere.

So be it! =)

Finally, I have a new phone because I just renewed my postpaid contract. It’s like blackberry but it’s not (okay, you get it? and no! It’s not a china phone!) But I’m still crossing my fingers that a good Samaritan would give me a BB. Will you be him/her?

And now, this is the dead end.



P.S. Happy Halloween!



There’s no such thing as free lunch. WE know!

But there is such thing as free dinner! =))

Thank you to our future godmom for the YC treat!

More cab home together ha.

But less fishy cab next time.

Thanks Ma’am Ailil!


xoxo, G

Letter to B.


Once you love a person, you will never stop loving him/her. Maybe it would be less or a bit differently but still, the love remains.

Yes, that’s true.

But once you have felt what true love really is. You’ll realize that you have never loved that person at all. That everything was just an infatuation.

True love is when you love someone that loves you back… and even more. It’s when you feel that he’s the most special person in the world, and he makes you feel that too. It’s when you can tell him everything with no pretenses. It’s when you get to love his flaws even more. It’s when you bring up a fight, just to be sweeter afterwards. It’s when before you fell asleep its him that is lingering your mind. It is when you can completely be honest with each other. And the list is endless.

True love is best when it is right. It’s when you don’t feel any guilt when you’re with that person.

And most especially… It’s true love when even romance subsides. You’re still both bestfriends.

You’ll find your true love. Never rush. Never be sad because you haven’t met him yet. He might be on his way. He might just be like Mina that gets trip all the time. But he’ll make it on time. Just trust in Him.

There’s so many of us who loves you and will make you happy! Always make the right decision.





And so it’s the best birthday date I could ever have in thisΒ millennium.

Thank you Kins for being the only person who made my day special.

You never fail to make me feel love.

I know I shouldn’t dwell in this dismal thought that you only knew.

How could I not feel it.

When every time I try to not think about it.

It just makes the pain heavier.

So, enough about the drama.

Thanks to my friends too.

You all are the sweetest!