Banana + Apple

Equals BANAPPLE! It’s my family’s new favorite restaurant. Bye bye Chocolate Kiss. I’ll miss you.

It’s a small cozy restaurant at Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato. It gives you a warm comfy feeling, perfect for bonding and chill time. And they have delicious meal and yummy desserts at a very affordable price. Okay, the latter’s important for my fam bam. =) The only thing I hate about it is that I always want to skip my main dish and go ahead for my dessert.


Lasagna RollsLasagna Rolls (P170)

I’m so into pasta, I guess that’s so obvious. And man! This is the best lasagna rolls with a generous amount of classic tomato meat sauce. It’s good for two people, for me.

Herbed Chicken RollsHerbed Chicken Rolls (175)

banappleHickory Smoke Barbecued Country Ribs (P170)

This is the family’s favorite rice dish.

strawberry crunch cheesecakestrawberry crunch cheesecake (P90/slice, P860 whole)

santa’s chipper chocolate cookie cheesecakesanta’s chipper chocolate cookie cheesecake (P100/slice, 960 whole)

cadbury old gold oreo cheesecakecadbury old gold oreo cheesecake (P125/slice, P1300 whole)

ALWAYS MAKE ROOM FOR DESSERT! We always choose different kind of cakes and pies every visit. And of course don’t forget to try their Banoffee Pie!

I can’t wait to get my friends try this. And you too!

xoxo, G


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