Ristorante Pia y Damaso

Kins wanted to try Fat Michael’s in Magallanes but we found out that its is closed every Sunday.  Then we thought of Cafe Juanita’s new a branch in The Fort. But for convenience purposes we decided to dine at Greenbelt 5 instead.

There are too many restaurants too choose from.  I had the last pick and I chose the most cozy restaurant that is perfect for a date. And yes, Damaso it is! It has a very charming ambiance and perfect for a lunch date. It was our first time to dine in. Damaso specializes in Philippine Colonial Cuisine. Though, I don’t think the foods are exceptionally good.



Beef and Onion soupBeef and Onion rings soup (300)

I was surprised that there’s onion rings on top. But it fits perfectly well with the soup!

Tinapa AsparagusTinapa Asparagus Pasta (P300) for moi.

ChickenPastelChicken Pastel (P290) for Kins and Organic Rice (45)

Love the taste of Tinapa Asparagus- my first time to try it with pasta.

But don’t eat the pasta alone. It’s too salty.

DIGin!Kins’ digging in! He likes his chicken pastel.

Because he was able to finish it. Or maybe he’s just that hungry. :)

datedate!The aftermath!

We were so much in a hurry that we didn’t get to try their desserts.

Too bad. :'(

Our bill was the same as our buffet lunch meal at Cafe Juanita.

So I guess…

xoxo, G


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