Let’s recap last week:

It’s Sunday today and tomorrow is the start of hell week. Let’s just recap last week. Okay? We’ll let the photos do the talking. :)

Okay, so maybe I’ll say a little bit more.


Reconciliation day. I’ve been BITCHing out lot latel. I said sorry to a friend. I’ve accused her of something I shouldn’t. I know a cake would cheer her.


Tagged You’re In day! Accountancy Recruitment Fair.



No classes. President Noy’s inauguration.


2nd day of the Org Fair



No classes!!! There’s a faculty activities!

And it’s the second day of the month! Kins invited me to watch Toy Story 3 finally in powerplant!! In 3D! It’s our first time together! :)

Mass with his mom after. It’s first friday.

Then dinner with his fam bam!

ClassicCuisineadoboRICEI soo love the adobo rice. Sorry, but not their Iced tea though!


Eclipse day! With the same people I’ve watched the two previous movie of twilight saga. We’ve planned to watch the whole saga together at different malls. We’ve been to glorietta and gateway. So it’s greenbelt’s turn this time. I love hanging out with Sherry and Tricia! One word for the movie: HOTNESS!

sherry&trishcantonese!We’re really Thomasian at heart.

We still ate at Cantonese. I’m a die hard fan of their Shark’s fin!

Plus shake! Oh! You can’t go wrong!

So, that’s pretty much it! I already finish the post when I remember that I forgot to put copyright mark on it. Anyways, next time! I have to study now.

I’ll be more focus this time on my studies! PROMISE!

xoxo, Gorgeous


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