I have never been busy for the first week of classes. First week of classes would always mean a lot of chitchat with friends because a really few professors would show up. But not this time.


I’ve never been active in any organization in my college years, compared to my highschool. And this time, I was given a chance. And in the position I’m always at. I’m always known for. Photography, Video-editing, Photoshop and everything technical!


Just so you know, SBMA is on its first year. Yes. The pioneer batch of Management Accounting formed a new organization. So, a lot of things to do. I made the logo myself and I got to choose our org’s color! And that is PURPLE! I’ve been wanting to tell everyone my favorite color besides black… and that is purple!

I have some sentiments about what I am into right now, but maybe I should just let go of it. If not, I’ll just express everything here. But I know, not now yet.

I’m happy to be busy. I’m a busy bee! Just get that irritating person out of my sight!


Documentation and Promotions Committee Head


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