Soaked in the Rain.


This is what happens when you get soaked in the rain!

Chic and I decided to claim our diploma from our Photography school after two years. I tagged Kins along. As we were about to leave, heavy raindrops started to fall. We waited for it to stop but it just took so long we got afraid of being stranded because the flood might start to rise up. In the end, we got soaked in the rain. Went to Chic house. Unbelievable but true, Kins had two extra shirt in his bag. He’s that ready! While waiting for the rain to stop, we had some pictorial! It’s Chic and Ac’s first time to really meet each other. I’m so glad they easily felt comfortable with each other =)

futureAccountantsChic was requesting for a cheesy pic for us. And this is the only thing I could show you.


gearedFORlifeGeared for college life! Future Accountant and Architect.

ChicPlatesBefore we head home, Chic showed us some of her works. We’re pretty amazed!

I would rather just compute and compute than to do plates like that.

That was such a fun night! We even ate dinner before we finally head home.

Thanks for a wonderful rainy night guys!

xoxo, G


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