Sunday nights.

For four Sunday nights I’ll be lying on bed early contemplating for what to wear for the week- from top to bottom, where to eat lunch, what to do after work, and when is this going to end.

I didn’t know it would end so fast. No more worries about getting well dressed- corporate attire, wake-up calls, packed lunch, ride on shuttles going to Makati, good-morning-greetings from my one-month-colleagues, morning office lights, no more hi/hello/bye from kuya guard, hot mocha or chocolate drink from the vendo machine when we get drowsy or cold, no more good laughs, telling stories about their life and mine, no more lunch with jew at the office room or at the canteen, no more lunch with kins wearing polo barong, no more borrowing of folders from the folders room, no more logging in and out at the HR, no more encoding, no more CIS, no more stamping after encoding…


It’s another Sunday night… and I don’t have to be worried about what to wear for tomorrow.

Thank you Ma’am Dess, Sir Alex, Sir Chris, Sir Mon, Sir Jun and Sir Noli. I’ll miss the Audit group!! I’ve learned a lot.

xx, G


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