It’s the 143rd day of the year. Okay. Nothing.

Kins and I had an early dinner yesterday before watching Robinhood. We had a deep conversation regarding our future work. He would always say that because of this internship he suddenly wanted to become an Auditor so he’s planning (okay we’re planning) to take CIA and CFE exams.

So I asked him what kind of work he wants, he answered that. Then his turn to ask me… “So in what field do you want?”. I answered him with a question “Is it okay if I’ll work in a magazine instead?”. He doesn’t have to think twice or should I say I don’t have to hear the answer. It would always be no. I get it. I would just put my 4 years in college in waste.

So okay, I want to be me. :)

“Looking good and dressing well is a necessity. Having a purpose in life is not.” – Oscar Wilde

MAY2010magazinesThe magazine Kins bought me for this month.

He always know my needs and my wants. And this is the latter.


Preview and Cosmo magazine is a regular buy.

But the 100 distinct magazine? Hmmm..


Let’s get a little closer:

oneOftheContributorsIt just made me happy to get my name to print.

Of course the name’s not there for nothing.

And don’t you think Daphne Osena is soo pretty here?

I regularly follow her blog. You should too!

100 distinct magazine

Grab one for Love!

xoxo, G


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