first day.

Yesterday, I started my internship in this insurance company. I’m assigned in the AUDIT department and I was quite surprise because I’m the only intern in that department.

I was pretty ecstatic. Not for my On-The-Job training but for dressing up. Obviously. :)


I opted for the basic. White never fails.

For me, my only asset is my small waist. But don’t ever glance at my arms and legs – it’s HUGE! And I’m not overstating. So wearing high-waist skirt emphasizes my asset and hide my flaws. =))


You might see me in all that smiles but oh… my first day made me sooo emotional. I almost cried while working. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to be given clerical tasks. So I opened it up with Jew and kins. I even cried a bit. Okay, so they made good point. It would always begin that way. I’m encoding receipts and stamping the receipts after encoding. Separating receipts of different branches.

But honestly, I shouldn’t feel down. I was at the best department. My bosses treat me with respect. They would even ask me if it’s okay for me to do some errands for them. And they will initiate to have a chit chat with me- about my life, even my love life.

More stories next time!




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