12 + 9

Truthfully speaking, I have been very lazy to blog lately. And I have no idea what’s going on to me. But that’s nothing to do with quitting. What? Nothing =))

Well, it’s our 12 + 9 day. And yesterday we celebrated it in advance. Actually, it was so sudden. Kins just called me in the middle of the afternoon that he will be attending mass for thanksgiving because we finally landed a job for our internship. Definitely something to be thankful for. And so I asked him if I could come too. He immediately said yes but I’m pretty sure that he thought I was just kidding. But no. I immediately showered. Dressed up. Took the cab to Rockwell.

It was my first time to attend mass at PowerPlant. I’ve already blogged before that I loathe attending masses in malls. But okay, the space in the mall is really exclusive and the ambiance is serene. So don’t count Power mass anymore.

Flashback… while I’m in the cab going to Power… Kins asked me if I would want to catch Ironman2 (on its first day of showing) with his sister and sister’s bestfriend. Why would I decline? I thought it would be hard for them to score a movie ticket because for sure it would be jam-packed.  But they did! They got tickets for the front row. It feels like 3D already. =)))))


Oliver’s sandwich + nachos + popcorn= blast stomach. =) I was so full when I walked out the cinema. And you, yes you!, you should watch Ironman2. :) Though I wish they put more action at the last part where Ironman together with Rhodey battled with Whiplas. Right? But as a whole, I lavet!

So, what have you been up lately?

xoxo, G


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