first time.


wee… Every time I think of the overnight swimming I had with my friends right after our third year was over… It still makes me giggle!

It was my first overnight swimming with friends. First time ever in my whole life! :) Well, my parents were not that permissive way back in my secondary school. They would always tell me that they would only allow me when I’m already in college. So, the moment I step into college, I was already looking forward to it. Too bad it took 3 years to finally make it happen. My friends are good with planning but not with execution though. Kidding!!! (that’s only half true:)

The photo above is the only cheesy photo I was able to save at my laptop. I have no idea where I’ve placed my back-up copy. (I know I’m careless)  There are too many cool and crazy pics! I can’t wait to show you. But maybe you could wait a little longer. It would show up for sure!

Hopin’ there would be more like this one!



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