third godchild.

Little did I know that I was the official and only photographer.
So, I rushed after my class just to get there in time!
I’m so happy to capture all the moments!
I want to have my own too! But definitely not soon.
I did the lay-out of the tarpaulin in the middle of my studying.
I was surprised it looked okay.
Cuteness!!! My first non-relative godson.
With his Ninang! after the ceremony.
At last I had a photo with him!
And the reason of his existence. Kamaye’s one of my best friends.
We’ve been together since 1st grade.
And we share the same birthday! She’s just a year ahead though.
I’m very glad she’s responsible enough to have a child.
And she’s graduating this May! Kudos to you! :)
Things I love:
The reception. Cozy restaurant. Awesome food!
The AVP. video I made about baby PM.
The ring. One of my collections now.
And the souvenirs/giveaways. I’m the only one who got
all of them! Homemade cookies, sanitizer and
an Anna Sui wallet I’ve been wanting for long.
I tell you, I’ll be his favorite godmom.


xoxo, G


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