healthy or not?

There’s a numerous fastfood/restaurant in my college building.
More than 25 choices every lunch or whenever you feel like eating.
And I always choose healthy.
But of all those food chains, there’s just nothing that fits that category. :'(

But okay. Face it. I just want delicious food that fits my budget.


So, what I had for lunch?
Lasagna, mashed potato and fresh strawberry shake for take-out!
To-go because we thought we’re having our Law class today.
I bought it with Trish and we had a good choice!
Everything on just P95($2).
And today, I finally gave in.
Remember I have my self-imposed ban from McDo?
It feels like I’m missing half of my life without it.
I hate that I love you!

Definitely, NOT healthy!

xoxo, G


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