student’s life

and our life is just average
but we love it just the way it is :)
you don’t have to tell me that our uniform sucks
our LAW2 class
he was telling us stories how he got ambushed before
he’s small but terrible
he survived the ambush
while having our law class. Tricia smiles.
honestly, only a few people listens during our Law class…
and Kins is one of the few.. even our Law prof noticed that.

And me? I always, as in always, eat lunch during our Law class.
Because its time is 12pm-1pm. And we have our Math class before our Law class.
And we have 2hrs Accounting class after Law class. :)
It’s always like this every MWF

And now it’s time for our Accounting class.
My Accounting prof starting to write his lectures.
Kins putting up the white thingy for the projector manually.
Manually. hahahaha. 3rd world? No. It’s just malfunctioning.

Then yesterday:

Instead of having our 6hrs Cost Accounting class…
We’re being taught how to do CPR
And other emergency-to-do-things by Red Cross.
with FREE food. :))

Then my two buddies hang-out with me after class.

So that’s pretty much it!

xoxo, Gem


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