one word to describe my feelings last night.

first. because I fail. my camera’s battery empty. and no one. out of 13 persons brought their camera. But I understand them. It’s myself. I’m blaming. I hate it. Because no one could ever understand my sentiment. I love memories. And I want good quality photos of my memories. And awful is the right word. I know that’s so mababaw to you but not to me. I could just laugh to myself right now.

second. because I was expecting to meet someone last night. I’ve been thinking about it all night the other day. Preparing myself. It didn’t happen. I’ve been waiting a long time. For 17 months. Was that long enough? Yes? Now I ask myself. Am I not good enough?

What’s with last night?

dinner date with friends. Kins birthday treat at Dad’s G3. Everyone went home so full. I hope everyone enjoyed. And sorry, I’ve acted so wrong.

I hope no one reads my blog.

Can you just ignore what I’ve said?

BUT definitely not referring to the foods as AWFUL. It should be just FULL! I had eaten the most last night. I’m still full now! :)

First formal dinner date with friends. LAVET!

Can we just smile instead?

xoxo, G


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