kins’ debut!

This is so long overdue but I’m still going to post it anyway. It’s my first time to organize an event. As in solely organize one and solely finance it.

But of course it would never be as good as this without the help of my friends! Special thanks to Kyle, Trish, Jancel, Jew… Thank you very much! They helped me with the guest list, reservation, program et. al.

Kin’s chocolate ecstacy cake by hungry pac.
The first game: pass the balloon with a twist! Can you see? They’re on their cutest kiddie outfit!
Another game: The cup thingy. :)
Grimace!! He grooved to the fullest! I find this picture so so cute!!
…and with the birthday boy! Grimace gave him a gift. sweet!
I love this picture. Everyone’s smiling and laughing. Makes it all so worth it!
birthday boy with the kids.
and with his closest friends.
and with gorgeous Gem.
21 gifts.
After the games, we had our own version of 21 gifts for the birthday boy since it’s his debut. Everyone said a short message for kins and something about their gifts.

Touché. Kins is so loved.

I hope we’ll have another one quite like this again. It’s so fun! It feels so good to feel like a kid again. Happy birthday!

xoxo, G


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