Analog Love

Would you believe me if I tell you that I used an Analog camera on this?
Yes! That’s right! :) I took this as an experiment while I was still udergoing my photography class. I was just a rookie and I am still (i guess?). We were required to use an analog camera first. Good thing my dad still have his analog camera in his treasure box.

Every after a shoot or when my film roll is ready to be developed, my photo buddies and I would go to Quiapo. They would have there photos printed but I don’t print my photos. After developing I’ll just have it scanned and I’ll get all the photos in a cd. I prefer soft copies than hard copies. Because it’s cheaper. :-))

ISO- 100 Speed- 1sec Aperture-f3
Then I showed it to my friends… next thing I know they’re in my house already, ready for a photo opt. They told me that my bookshelf is so photogenic. Love.
word? word up!
xoxo, G

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