If I’ll be majoring Filipino language. I’ll definitely flunk. :-))

Did you know that there’s a difference between “may” and “mayroon”? You can only say “may” when you ask questions, and you only use “mayroon” when you state something.- nmrzmr


May gagawin ka ba?
Mayroon akong gagawin.

Text messaging has repercussions like how it affected our vocabulary. Both English and Tagalog/Filipino.

Your ≠ You’re. I know that’s so grade 1 grammar, but admit it! Many usually use it wrongly. Because when text-ing, people usually use “UR” for both terms. Easier and safer. That’s why I don’t do shortcuts when texting, it’s a way to improve my grammar and spelling. I admit, one of my water loo is spelling. Kins knows that and I don’t get offended whenever he corrects me.

I’m more of a math person. Is that a good excuse? haha. :)

Just a thought for the night. Good night and sweet dreams.

xoxo, Gem


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