Army Navy

Because exams are finally over, we have to reward ourselves. Watched Shirlock Holmes to unwind and dined here after for merienda. I really really really have to brag it here!
classic burger (P135), onion rings (P60), chocolate milkshake (P90)
With this three, you’re solved! I love the onion rings’ crispiness.
I can actually eat the whole order because I didn’t get fed up of the rings like what usually happens to me.
The milkshake is just as great.
They also have double patty(185) and triple patty (P?) and Burritos too!
SALIVATING! It’s divine.

Kins putting condiments on his burger.
Kins= Mayo and Ketchup.
Mine= Ketchup and Mustard.
I loathe mayonnaise. As always.

Every taste of their burger is described beyond words. Plus the factor that it’s wallet friendly. You’ll never go wrong.

No more Wendy’s bacon mushroom melt for us. Haha. Kidding! You should try. :) I tell you.
Located at Glorietta 5 and in other places. Google it.

xoxo, G

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