so what’s the event? :)

my eldest sister’s son’s birthday. at my ate’s pad.

my cute little cousins. amazed by all the balloon twisting stuffs.
can you caption this? do you know Filipino time? :-))

tada! the party people arrived. first stop? the FOODIES!..
HIGHLIGHT? My cousins dancing nobody nobody but you… Yes, my guy cousin knows the complete dance step. what the? :) FUN! spot the birthday boy.
the birthday cake and cupcakes made by my sister’s friend.
the birthday boy with his playmates.

they have their own business before i interrupted them.
my sister on the left most picture with her college friends. i just asked them to do a jump shot for me. they did it high! :)

i really have a thing for parties. i love parties. birthday parties. kiddie parties. and there’s one coming soon. don’t jinx. just pray. :)



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