very random.

something big has been bugging me lately. bad dreams. nightmares.
reality. for sure.
i know you won’t understand me.

i need a peace of mind. i need to consult the doctor soon.
no, i’m not.
i still have a V-CARD. note the all caps.

he would always say this:
tell me who your friends are
and i’ll tell you who you are

but i’m not like them.
i know how to preserve things.
i’m not just the go with the flow gal.

some girls think the same
like the friend i bump in today.
things that you think are in

i asked her what to surprise
she answered
do the thing.


back to what’s bugging me
i need peace of mind
glad i have someone to seek solace with

i pray.
to be healthy.


2 thoughts on “very random.

  1. I must say that that was pretty–outrageous? To suggest for you to do the nasty. Point is, that thing is your choice to make, not someone else's, so maybe they ought not to suggest it. I think.Surprise for what? Ask me. I have ideas. :DDD


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