Kins turned 21 yesterday, Jan. 30 ’10. My friends and I prepared a simple surprise birthday party for him. IT WAS A BLAST!

Where? When? What happened? I’ll tell you soon! I don’t have the photos yet with me.

Kins, give it to me! :-))

a sneak peak:

instead of a guest book, we have guest football. :)
everyone who came signed up. because we all love kins.

why football?

xoxo, G

My Chictopia

my date outfit with kins

I love Chictopia. I never knew that there’s a lot of ferosh people my age here at the Metro until found out about Chictopia. Third world fashion. :)

I don’t wanna tell you my chictopia blog. I don’t post much there. :-)

xoxo, G


I’m pretty excited for me and my college friends’ outing tomorrow. But not as thrilled as for the event on Saturday though. It’s just that this is my first outing with friends. AS IN FIRST. I’m on my 3rd year in college now. Imagine? :-)) It would just be in Q.C. But what the heck? It’s still and outing. Kins confirmed unto the last minute. So we’re finally coming!

I’ve been so goood all these times.

Hope we’ll have a safe trip tomorrow! pray.pray.pray.

Btw, have I told you that I haven’t experienced an overnight with friends yet?

Boo me!

xoxo, G


If I’ll be majoring Filipino language. I’ll definitely flunk. :-))

Did you know that there’s a difference between “may” and “mayroon”? You can only say “may” when you ask questions, and you only use “mayroon” when you state something.- nmrzmr


May gagawin ka ba?
Mayroon akong gagawin.

Text messaging has repercussions like how it affected our vocabulary. Both English and Tagalog/Filipino.

Your ≠ You’re. I know that’s so grade 1 grammar, but admit it! Many usually use it wrongly. Because when text-ing, people usually use “UR” for both terms. Easier and safer. That’s why I don’t do shortcuts when texting, it’s a way to improve my grammar and spelling. I admit, one of my water loo is spelling. Kins knows that and I don’t get offended whenever he corrects me.

I’m more of a math person. Is that a good excuse? haha. :)

Just a thought for the night. Good night and sweet dreams.

xoxo, Gem

Army Navy

Because exams are finally over, we have to reward ourselves. Watched Shirlock Holmes to unwind and dined here after for merienda. I really really really have to brag it here!
classic burger (P135), onion rings (P60), chocolate milkshake (P90)
With this three, you’re solved! I love the onion rings’ crispiness.
I can actually eat the whole order because I didn’t get fed up of the rings like what usually happens to me.
The milkshake is just as great.
They also have double patty(185) and triple patty (P?) and Burritos too!
SALIVATING! It’s divine.

Kins putting condiments on his burger.
Kins= Mayo and Ketchup.
Mine= Ketchup and Mustard.
I loathe mayonnaise. As always.

Every taste of their burger is described beyond words. Plus the factor that it’s wallet friendly. You’ll never go wrong.

No more Wendy’s bacon mushroom melt for us. Haha. Kidding! You should try. :) I tell you.
Located at Glorietta 5 and in other places. Google it.

xoxo, G

SM vs. Rockwell

he grabbed my camera and told me he’s taking my picture. Why? the background!

he said… “because you’re an SM girl”

Do i have to admit? SM department store really have it all for us! They have awesome clothes now! and accessories! and bags! and shoes! Plus they’re free gift wrap is no longer baduy!

SM is colonizing us. Little did we know, we’ll be ruled by SM. :-))

xoxo, G