days of fun

Dec. 23
– went to Pasig by myself to deliver something to dad’s client. I took the jeepney alone. As in. I think my dad’s teaching me a lesson. He dropped me at Sta Mesa and told me to ride a jeep going to Pasig. With no other instructions. I was hella nervous. I don’t know if I could make it there without crying. But I made it. eventually.
– got a call from Kins inviting me to watch Avatar with his sisters and nieces. Since our client’s building was just a stone’s throw away from the MRT, I decided to take the train to Ayala. I was so tanga. I didn’t know what to do at the MRT. I should have taken the cab but then that’s the faster way. It’s already 5:15pm and the movie will start at 5:30. I made it to greenbelt at 5:50. I was late but I didn’t miss a lot in the movie. Kins and I were seated 4 rows away from his sister and nieces. After the movie, I was kinda nervous because it’s my first time to meet them. Yes, first time after 16 months.
-stroll a bit. then ate dinner. I was tired and I wanted to take the cab back home. But since it’s a day before Noche Buena. The cab station was jam packed. I took the MRT back home. Then the LRT but it was closed na since it’s already 10pm. I wanna cry. It’s the only way back home I knew. But thank God! I got home.

I know what i’ve said is nonsense. It’s just that I’ve typed a lot. I don’t want to delete it anymore.

Dec 24
-Noche Buena with mom’s side at grandma’s place. We have a very huge family. I kid you not. We had a whole lots of games like pass the sharades, the boat is sinking, soda drinking games for the kids and kids at heart, Pinoy Henyo for my aunts and uncles (my parents joined and dad wasn’t able to guess it). My cousins danced. Karaoke after. It was soo much fun!
-The best of all- the FOOD! My lola cooked everything. It was so delicious. She knows our favorite food. :)

Yvan, Gavin, Joan and Bianca. My sooo kulit cousins!


with some of my cousins



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