gift wrappers.

gift wrapping is my most favorite thing to do every Christmas season. Of course besides shopping. :)

I firmly believe in the adage “It’s better to give than to receive”. Albeit my college friends and I agreed that we won’t be giving each other presents (because of lack of funds:). But then Kins and I surprised them.

Last thursday was our Christmas party. Been panic buying the days before. And spent the whole night last wednesday wrapping the gifts. My theme was red and gold.

Whoa! My sisters and I went shopping at SM Makati for gifts for our family. I left them early because Kins and I had to rush at UST for paskuhan party. I asked them to just buy boxes and wrappers and I’ll be the one to wrap it up. But then they insisted to gift wrap it at SM for free. I was surprised how classic SM’s gift wrap now. No more baduy gift wrap at SM! Yay!!!

Do you love receiving gifts with awesome gift wrappers? I DO!

xoxo, G


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