Sa Aking Pagtanda

This really made me cry. I love my parents to bits and I promise that I would take care of them till their last breathe and no matter how busy I would be in the future, I would always make time to visit them.


I made this blog, for one core reason. And that reason is simply to blog… on what’s going on on my everyday life, life with kins, what I love and hate and all that jazz. So that in the future when I get to have my own kids I’ll let them read this so that they’ll know more about who their mom is.

*I hope I’ll get to experience motherhood*

Baby, when I grow old and you don’t like my fashion statement anymore, don’t laugh at me or embarrass me, just subscribe me to Vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine. Maybe, because I have aged, I forgot to re-apply for subscription.

ILY. :)

xoxo, G


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