Cafe Juanita

Kins helping manong driver locate our destination. Good thing we’ve searched it on google map first!

spotted: Cafe Juanita
United St. cor. West Capitol Drive in Pasig

Inside Juanita. For me, it’s kind of our local Serendipity restaurant, hidden here in the Metro. Its biggest asset is art of miss match of things mixed with different kind of lights to create an eclectic romantic ambiance.

G: I wonder why we never knew abt this palce. If we didn’t reserve for sure we won’t be accommodated.
Kins: Maybe through word of mouth or like you… through the net.

We were asked to choose between the buffet or the À la carte (menu). They only have buffet every Sunday lunch.

Buffet: Asian Filipino Cuisine. When kins spotted the Lechon Kawali and the rest, no more second thoughts. Buffet!

My plate: Lechon Kawali, Shianghai, Laing, Kare-kare and rice. Too bad for the low quality of the photo but believe me, its beyond words. rapsa!

Kins had two rounds.
Kins: It’s my first time to eat at a buffet that every food tasted so well. Quality over quanitity.

I agree.

And this soup is devine!! Sinampalukang manok soup.

Our dessert! Halo-halo, minatamis na saba and ginatang halo-halo. They also have puto maruya and the like.

Kins felt kinda creepy with the masks all over the place especially the ones beside him:

In the end, he said its not pala. :))

More photos:

the chandelier on top of our table and the bell which you can ring when you need them.

Bill: P1131.35 – buffet for two plus drinks (bottomless iced tea, rootbeer)
You could never go wrong.

I wasn’t paid for this but I hope they’ll have promos when you blog about their restaurant.
LOL :)
Off to study!

xoxo, G


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