Analog Love

The art of photography. Amazing. Captivating. Expressive. Passion. Elusive. Abstract. A photograph is life distilled and preserved for eternity. A photograph conveys, in a way no words can.

One of the things that keep me busy this summer is my photography class. It wasn’t planned at all. Dad just asked me if I am interested since I won’t be doing anything sensible for my vacation. Curiosity is one factor why I said yes eagerly. Didn’t it amaze you like it amazes me when you see photographs like so real, so well detailed, so captivating, so eloquent and all. That drives me. I am just a rookie with this field but I am thirsting to learn more and with that I hope I’ll go beyond.

The photo above was taken on Saturday, my first exposure. The catch was we’re only allowed to use analog cameras with 100 ISO films. That’s a big twist knowing that in today’s digital world where we are used to see our photos right after we click. Well, its just a matter of challenge.
I thought we’re just shooting landscapes and nature but little did I know that we’re taking portraiture instead. It was pretty tiring shooting 6 models under the scorching heat of the sun but it was undeniably fun and its so inspiring. One day… one day…


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