Sorry for being away for over a year. It’s saddening that I don’t get to blog considering that the missed months were the best – travels, happenings, love, family, friends and everything in general. Life was pretty interesting and there are times that it felt surreal.

And now I get to remember you because I am feeling lonely. One sad fact about life – people only do remember you when all they used to focus on fades away.

I have no plans of venting and I just really want to let this out. I am just not happy about the decisions I have been making lately.

I feel like a lost teenager.

Grow up, G.


You, my love..

You, my love, is God’s greatest blessing to me. Such a blessing that I can kiss you with my eyes closed and still be goofy yet everything, everything is just how emotions should be felt. If that even made sense. Because all of these seems not to yet here you are.. with me.


You, my love, is my adrenaline rush.

I love getting so high with you and not minding the world.


Or get really low and be amazed of the things we have yet to see and feel.


Or just on the ground and still feel the gust of wind that’s giving all the real excitement.


You, my love, is undeniably my Mickey in this magical world that we make; giving my life sparks. And what’s cooler is that you literally do.


You, my love, has put balance into my life – living life in the simplest and grandeur of things.

IMG_0582 IMG_5652

You, my love, is my universe. There are a lot more things to discover on you, and that makes me ecstatic.


You, my love, is my greatest secret. No words can describe how I am only a silhouette before you arrived. And when you came right in, you didn’t change me. Instead, you joined me and made me see and realise that we have the choice on how we look at life.


You, my love, is the bravest – having the courage to be away for that hope of a greater future. I am grateful for digital interactions but the hitch of separation is always there. Trying to churn the longing into thinking of temporary. But soon, my love, we’ll both be in the greater comfort of presence.

Happy second year. Cheers!



I’m officially missing you.

For the first time in more than two months since Czar has been away, I cried. We had a clingy relationship and was together everyday then since we’re in the same workplace, same department, and he spends the weekend at our place and is always involved in my hangouts either with family or friends.

When he left to work in Singapore in May, I knew that it would do better in our relationship. We have always been together and at some point, I know we needed to grow separately (he might not be in favor of this though. haha). Everything was just timely.

For those two months, I took it a little easy since I got to visit him last June too. But last night was different. It came all over to me how hard things have been for me lately. How everything suddenly became a bore. I used to wish to be able to hangout with my friends without his intervention (haha), but since I got to do it already, I realized how much I wanted him to be there.

And as the adage goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – truest in every word.

Here are a few going away party for Czar from his colleagues:



IMG_0006 2


IMG_0001 2


And from his family:



IMG_0010 2 11108290_10155481449935634_9013797734959749645_n


And from my family, of course.

11178241_839721756107423_4946171179162007144_n  11182191_839724506107148_6505141873708613908_n TRIP TO KAMAY NI HESUS IN QUEZON   IMG_0287


He spent his last day at work playing at the game room with Jim and some colleagues. Oh how I missed him here.

IMG_0019 2

And our last moment at work, in their hometown and at the airport before he leaves.

IMG_0029 2     IMG_0746 IMG_0788

Thank you for having the courage and I am so proud of you!



My thoughts and feelings ATM.

How have I been and why am I not blogging religiously as how it used to be?

If I am to honestly answer the question above, I think my head will crash from the overflowing thoughts in my head. So let me answer that in no particular order of things. I am typing as I type. I am thinking as I think. So the order of stories would be as baloney as those statements.

Work. Work has been great so far. When I started working in Shell on July 2013, it changed my life. I have been on night shift (9pm-6am shift) for the first 6 months and that was quite of a challenge. I wasn’t able to get enough sleep. My body clock failed to get its arse straight. But thankfully, I was moved to 4pm-1am shift and now I’m on 5pm to 2am shift so it’s a lot bearable. I have been getting enough sleep. And also, the best thing is that we have a company shuttle that drives us home. Yes, door-to-door. Hmmm. My relationship with Shell will turn two years on July 1st, and guess what? My promotion’s effectivity is on July 1st as well! From being a senior Tax Analyst, I will be promoted to Tax Specialist and I will be moving from US business to Europe&Asia businesses. I am excited to learn new processes and bond with a new team. But oh, I love my current team now and it has been nothing but joy with them since day one. Thank You.

Events. Well, I’m not referring to specific events in my life. I’m referring to my events planning passion. So I have mentioned that entering Shell changed my life, well, one great factor as well is that because I was able to join the People Pillar in my department that organises events for the whole Managed Indirect Tax (MIT) – department that I’m in. And because, I think, I did well in it, I was recommended to be part of the Employee Engagement Team of SBO (Shell Business Operations) and I’m now engaged with all the events happening in Shell. How great it is to achieve work-life balance at work alone? It is my passion after all. Thank You.

Friends. Like they always say with friendship, it’s like a moving train. Sometimes, some of them board the train to teach you something but at one point, they’d stop at their designated platform. They come and go. But only true friends stay with you till the end of the journey. And for this, I am very thankful for all those who decided to stay. And thankful to life for teaching me one great lesson: it’s really not about the numbers. I am grateful that I know right now, I have the truest ones. Thank You.

Family. The thing I’m most grateful of. Actually, there was a big challenge we had to go through during my birthday week last year. But I am thankful that we overcame it and now I think we’re stronger and more bonded. There are issues that come and go but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Life would just give you proof re the saying “blood is thicker than water” and it sure is. Our kids as well are our bundle of joy. And oh, we were able to travel for the past years that we’re complete! Thank You.

Love. Finally having someone who loves you the way you want to be loved. Having someone who hugs you from the back and whispers those words you have been wanting to hear. Having someone who will be with you no matter what and considers you his best friend. Having the person who stares at you and when you look back into his eyes, you see the world where there is only you and him. I am blessed to have him. Thank You.

But. But the “buts” in life is what makes me stare blank at my free time. What makes me stop in the middle of churning my thoughts and will end up blank again. And this is why I have been gone. Lost and not completely myself. I want to say I’m not okay but no one will understand, not even myself. I want to say I want some things back but then I am not even sure. I want to say I am happy but I don’t even know how to match it with genuineness. I want clarity to my feelings and my thoughts yet no one would ever will. Or maybe no one can. I want to end what I don’t know what. Yes, it’s just all confusion and bewilderment. I don’t know this kind of feeling exist. And there’s one thing I’m just holding on to… Time. I believe it heals everything. And I have faith that one day, when I wake up, it’s no longer there. I have faith in time and in Him. One day. This and everything, will be sheer memories without the “feels”. (:

So there. These are my thoughts at 0200 hours.

xoxo, G

Happy New Year!

I hope I’m not yet too late to greet you that, blog. Sorry as I have been in a hiatus again. It’s hard to find time and honestly, the inspiration to blog again. Work has been taxing and it’s squeezing even the creative juices in me. So anyway, 2014 has been a great year for me! So many travels with my family, friends and of course, my special one – a blessed year indeed! 2014 cap off It was my first time to spend Christmas away from home as I spent it with my boyfriend’s family in Mindoro although I made it up on New Year’s Eve. Our family was complete. Yay! What a great way to end 2014 and to welcome 2015! Hopefully 2015 would be another blissful year for us! 10891669_10155026888945634_54699871734815966_n We celebrated NYE with Pops’s cousins too, our closest relatives, at Eastwood mall this time. It’s so fun to do a countdown with huge awesome crowd. It’s our second year to celebrate with them. IMG_6350 IMG_6355 10891896_10155027112925634_2583871646933738315_n Year of the sheep is just a few days away! Hope it would bring us all luck and happiness.

xoxo, G

My 24th birthday!

It has been over a month since my birthday but I guess it’s still not yet too late to share it. (: Oh my, one of my happiest birthday!

And since my work shift is from 4pm to 1am, I was pretty sure my day would start a bit early and I was not wrong. When I arrived to work the day before my birthday, I already got a cupcake surprise from Marj.


Then just a few hours after that, my charming surprised me with the biggest bouquet I have ever received so far.



As it is already a special day, my food binge buddies (that is my charming and Marj:) and I ate somewhere special. I love how the streets of Makati have hole in the wall kind of restaurants all over. We have yet to try the Your Local which is a stone’s throw away from the office and it was just the day we would.

Ambiance and food are just perfect! Can’t believe we’ve never been here before.

IMG_4433 IMG_4403 IMG_4417 IMG_4416

And trying Your Local means trying Yardstick afterwards which is just right beside it and even has a passage way from the restaurant. From a dark room to a light ambiance! Just perfect! We are hooked with their Peanut butter and honey (PB&H) shake and we kept coming back since then!!



The 12 midnight surprise from the team came! They gave me a cake and a huge greeting card with their sweet messages.. which made me cry a little. Of course, my charming gave me a separate cake. (:

IMG_4438 IMG_4450 IMG_4467


On the day of my birthday, it is a tradition in the family that we would have dinner. My charming has made a very sweet bday dinner plan but I had to cancel it as I would want to celebrate it too with my whole family. The Al Fresco side of Krazy Garlic in Greenbelt was a good choice! (: Our family has been eating in Krazy Garlic but I wonder why it was just today that we really appreciate and genuinely love their food and drinks. And yes, we keep coming back here too after this.

IMG_4490 IMG_4484 IMG_4486 IMG_4482 IMG_4489

On another note, my baby brother is growing up too fast!


My birthday didn’t end just that. On the afternoon of the following day, a few of my super friends came over our house to greet me with cake and Amber’s spaghetti! I was still in my night dress then since I don’t usually shower on Saturdays-and-just-staying-home. Hahaha.


So much love people have for me and I hope I could turn it back too!

Thanks everyone for making my day oh so special! And Thank You for all the great blessings in my 24 years!



Nautical Birthday Party!

Czar would always say that his birthday is just like any other normal day and so he expects it to be the same this year.

I love throwing surprise parties for the people I love to make them feel special, because they really are. Plus I really love organising and planning events too. I planned it a month ahead and sent invites already to few of our colleagues, family and friends.

The Invitation

The Invitation

The party in BSA Suite Makati didn’t push through though because the hotel said that they don’t allow visitors to go the the hotel room. Whether they are really that strict or not, I do not want to take the risk. I canceled my reservation

Luckily and to our surprise, the restaurant La PiaDina on the ground floor of our office building has a small function room at the back. We have been eating there but we have not noticed it. Problem solved and it’s perfect since the party will happen in between our work shift.

10673122_716300375116229_796851586_o 10650623_716300785116188_877745965_o

I recommend the restaurant for small parties or functions since the food is nice plus the waiters and staff are okay. I even asked one waiter to act that when Czar and I arrived in the restaurant, he’ll say that all free tables are reserved and we can only be accommodated in the extended (function) room. He did well even though I was already laughing at the back!

Our colleagues, family and friends were there already before 7pm and they had the lights closed and Czar was really surprised to see them all! He didn’t get a hint that this was happening. Thanks to everyone who really acted well even on our planning stage. (:

10677441_716302721782661_452004488_o 10578301_716303955115871_234867208_n 10656512_716304358449164_883366573_n

Happy birthday, Czar! He understood immediately when he saw that the theme was nautical. He is a fisherman wannabe plus he loves watching shows in NatGeo, Discovery Channel and the like about fishing, Tuna, aquariums etc.

The cake idea was not well materialised though by my supplier. Good thing it still tastes great! Here’s what I wanted:


The guests:

10572821_716304231782510_876847078_o 10581069_716304678449132_1032890218_o 10614813_716303908449209_241970453_o 10658423_716305331782400_1438902187_o 10658428_716302315116035_797992_o 10662959_716302741782659_671742407_o 10676428_716305821782351_489465310_o 10676501_716305235115743_1293916338_o

The food and decors:

10303866_10154586993255634_9164681344016864165_n 10458033_10154586988960634_8606707912893253950_n 10577834_716303811782552_1239845052_o 10606411_10154586993395634_1371979362734978680_n 10629749_10154586992405634_6563781513409731243_n 10636043_10154584590275634_7948584156040635845_n 10650428_716302431782690_1713247260_o 10660978_716304771782456_1692502564_n 10609300_716304548449145_1672973335_n 10642831_716305461782387_1460970076_o 10650496_716305368449063_789492230_o 10663368_716305325115734_2031811437_o 10667897_716302435116023_865573839_o 10676666_716305458449054_1661994181_o 10678258_716305111782422_954014908_o

The games! Of course we should make it a legit party! The epic-pin-the-nose game and newspaper dance.

10383552_10154587012430634_1486366996868883236_n 10628151_10154587013060634_8754079211893938006_n 10557335_10154587013105634_2124420221479922610_n 10341726_10154587013205634_5438024283480070567_n 10612754_10154587013270634_9088017252954357338_n 10659236_10154587018675634_536506004539902189_n 10354745_10154587018915634_429012614182782640_n 10663290_716304951782438_814001847_o 10672327_10154587018435634_1184049059089714514_n 10639594_10154587019010634_3741556221484719747_n 10614272_10154587019130634_7512066963138027860_n

995076_10154587030940634_2034971336653879052_n 1497665_10154587047660634_2140971813350848945_n 10583814_10154587047585634_5804518994431857011_n 10636218_10154587031070634_1778667022378223677_n 10671444_10154587047525634_1119767714800724741_n 10696191_10154587030875634_2326544985015750523_n 10696193_10154587031420634_2669214743428402819_n

Everyone had so much fun especially Czar so target achieved! Thanks to everyone who came and made such an effort. Special thanks to Marj, my sister and my mom for helping me organise the party. Our work teammates and colleagues for coming albeit it’s during our work shift and some even had overlapping meetings. My whole family came too! And Czar’s sister, BIL to be and best friend!

14250_10154587051630634_1144268583561030125_n 10342796_10154587053730634_5347642019776165364_n




La PiaDina, Solaris One Bldg
Makati City